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Welcome to Calspeed Moto, where we provide a unique way to explore San Francisco and its environs.  As a rider, you already know that one of the best ways to experience your surroundings is on a motorcycle.  And the best way to explore an amazing city like San Francisco is on a bike or scooter.  With over 30 years of local motorcycling experience, we will show you the hidden gems of The City that only a local rider would know.  Imagine riding through the hills of  the city into neighborhood locales or experiencing the Golden Gate Bridge from your motorcycle.  We are dedicated motorsport enthusiasts and also offer support services for motorcycles from regualr maintenance visits to ad hoc tune-ups if you are just visiting the area.


Our Hours - Appointments and Reservations Required
Monday - Friday
 9:00am  -  3:00pm
Saturday - Sunday
10:00am  - 3:00pm


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Calspeed Moto Inc.,
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